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Rick Savage BiographyRick Savage BiographyRick Savage Biography
I feel like someone who has had two distinctly different careers in video. I worked in my first regular porn movie, "Nasty Lady," in 1982. I worked in my first fetish video, "Spanked Employees," in 1986. Fetish film makers in those days often hired performers from porn videos because they knew that those people wouldn't be uptight about nudity or sexual stuff. Bizarre Video liked my work in that movie, so they hired me to work in many other productions during the coming years. In my private life I had had a couple of kinky girlfriends who enjoyed being tied to the bed and "played with." So, my video role of Master Savage was an easy role for me to play

On the porno side of my career, things were rolling along great. I worked for the Mitchell Brothers, Anthony Spinelli, Scotty Fox, Alex DeRenzy, Henri Pachard and over 50 other directors. I won my first award, "Best Supporting Actor" for my portrayal of the Jokester in the production, "The Erotic Adventures of Bedman and Throbbin." I had two sex scenes in that flick. One with Summer Rose, who was one of my favorite actresses to work with (because she loved the sex, loved having me touch her pussy.) The other sex scene was with a newcummer named Darcy Derringer. This was her first ever fuck scene in a video, and damn did that girl get turned on. I remember fingerfucking her with three, then four fingers. She grabbed my wrist with both hands and starting jamming my hand against her snug, wet little pussy, screaming, "I want your whole hand." Well, it just wouldn't fit. My hand ended up hurting for several days following that shoot. Darcy dyed her red hair blonde, moved to L.A. and changed her name to Tami Monroe. The Jokester was a fun role to act in, and I had sex with two very hot ladies.

With the coming of the 90's I began directing both porn and fetish videos. Directing was the natural path for me to take. I needed that total freedom to be creative, get kinky sometimes. Just to do whatever the fuck I wanted. One of the results of that freedom was my very popular "Streets of New York" series. One year, the series was the top-selling series in all of Europe. It was lots of fun. Sex, outdoors, in New York City. We intend to devote a section of this site to the "Streets of New York" series.

Over the last few years I have focused on making fetish videos, and the results have been a lot of projects that I'm very proud of. For Noose video, I've made "S&M Mechanic, The "Submission in Hellfire" and the "Den of Punishment" series, the soon-to-be- released Butt Punishment, and so many more. For Outlaw Productions, my "Pain Slut" and "Over The Knee" series have both been immensely succesful. For Galaxy, there have been so many excellent journys into the world of S&M. "Pinned," "Pinned Again," "Titanic Tit Terror, 1 & 2," "Executive Submission," Co-ed in Bondage 1 & 2," and so many others. And my "Extreme Tit torment" series is their top seller. In these two web worlds I plan to give visitors lots of hot images, info and descriptions of my experiences in making sex and S&M videos.

In a recent interview for a French "adult" magazine, I was asked why I thought my movies were so successful. I could only think of one thing to say, and that is, "I respect the viewer. I respect the person who is going to buy the video. He's paying he deserves quality. So, in every moment that I'm directing a movie, I try my best. I want to give that viewer something good. Something real! That's all."


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